..:: DIGG'N THIS ::..

So, here is something I'm DIGGN', INSIGNIA

Such a great typeface for logos, headlines, just about any call to action really.

If there are any readers from the UK, you may notice this font as the main typeface for ARENA magazine. Based on its geometric shapes, and its monotone sans serif, it gives off a subtle nod to the 1930's all the while keeping one foot firmly planted in the current trends.

With it's clean lines and beautifully structured elements it's no wonder this bold and boxy typeface can be used for so many applications.


  1. No joke. I was looking for a 1930's-type/film noir feel.

  2. Beautiful, good to know, thanks!

  3. The font was designed by Neville Brody who designed for ARENA Mag.

    I don't know man... it's pretty "90's" - maybe it's just the "s" in the alt font that I HATE! But, it's just such a "font-y" font. I don't know... I'm just not a fan.

    But, for a few years there I really only used 2 fonts... And I'm obsessed with Bodoni (which is ancient in comparison) right now - so what do I know.

  4. 90's! hahahaha. Aren't the 90's hip again!? hahahaha.

    BTW, I looked up "90's font" and look what came up!


    (scroll down to the bottom!)

    Just sayin!


  5. yeah... too hip for me!

    ahh - yes, Bodoni was digitized in the 90's, as were most fonts, but, it was designed around 1900. In terms of style - I don't think you can classify it as a "90's font".

    And really, do you want to get your info from a site that uses THAT font in their navigation tabs!? YIKES!

    : P


    That Nav font is HIDEOUS!


  7. Speaking of 90s fonts. Here is my first font that I made in college when I was learning Fontographer.


    Kinda funny that it's still out there.

  8. i remember being SOOO impressed that marc made fonts back in school.