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Nike continues to create bespoke experiences for its customers. The latest example is 255 Studio, which boasts a talented roster of “design consultants” who mix sports, design and apparel to produce one-of-a-kind garments. Oh, and about those “design consultants,” they’re members of NYC’s No Mas, a group of creatives with an unmatched eye and passion for mashing up sports and culture.

The current “installation” is named “Hogar y Visitantes” (Home and Visitors), which sees No Mas focus its creativity on an apparel collection that celebrates baseball and its cultural impact. The “visitantes” team of garments draws on the travel experiences of No Mas members in baseball-mad countries, including: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Japan. Those cultural experiences are then translated into garments rich with cultural, historical, and symbolic influences from each nation. Similarly, the “hogar” team of garments consists of pieces that invoke the cultural, historical, and symbolic influence of New York City, regarded by many folks as the baseball capital of the world.

If you love baseball, culture, and clothing, then 255 Studio is a Hall of Fame visit.

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