..:: DIG THIS ::..

Well South by Southwest has come and gone here in Austin.

And the city will soon be back to "Normal".
With so much going on its tough to show you just one thing, So I figured I would show some pictures of The Fader Fort that I worked on.

With some amazing people like Kevin Munoz, Will Bryant, Blake Suarez and Shaun Lind, just to name a few. It was a great time, the event was sponsored by FIAT and Converse, so we did some live painting on a FIAT door, teamed up to doodle up a FIAT car! And do custom designed sneakers. Super fun.

Check out more pictures HERE of the whole event.

And check out those artists I worked with, some amazing work, from some names you're about to hear a whole bunch from!

See ya next year.


  1. Dude! That first photo of you is fantastic!

  2. @Blake Thanks, Lets do it again sometime soon.


  3. That looked like an awesome event. Nice work on the door, too!