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So I'm aware that this may not be new. A friend of mine Cody Haltom of Public School did a post on it awhile back. But its just so cool I had to post it. I mean, amazing design mixed with baseball?! How can you not love it? It was a funded Kickstarter project, go check out the video HERE. Its really great!

Via Cody's Post
Auburn University senior Bethany Heck created The Eephus League, a product line and website dedicated to—let’s face it—the sport superior to all others: baseball. The Eephus League, named after the incredibly slow junk pitch, focuses on the stat-oriented obsession in baseball, something intensely unique to the sport, and does so in a very fun and appropriate manner. The packaging feels spot on to me: color and type work well together, and while retro typography is being overused, if ever there was an appropriate project, this would be it. I’m glad she referenced the glory days of baseball, as baseball uniforms/logos today are pretty awful.

As Heck states, the major component of The Eephus League is the website, a community-driven blog where users can learn, in Heck’s words, “all of the many facets of the game, from scorekeeping to detailed statistics and how to throw the perfect forkball”.

This is a really well-crafted, fun project, and it seems like a great way for someone new to baseball to begin to learn about it. I have no clue if Bethany is a fan of baseball, but there is an aspect of this that seems like a labor of love. I’m never showing anyone my senior project again.

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