..:: DIGG'N THIS ::..

Ok, Here is something I am going to try and do at least once every week. I am going to call it ..:: DIGG'N THIS ::.. These will be things that I am diggin. ( I know, clever. ) It can range from sites that I am into, products that I feel are progressive or innovative, anything really. Whatever comes into my mind.

So, this weeks Digg. PURPLE. ( PANTONE 2597c, to be exact! ) For the longest time I was never someone that used purple in art or design. And as a kid, I hated sports teams that had the color in their logos, and you could've bet your allowance that I would've never worn clothes with the color of grapes! But lately, I have changed my tune. It has so many uses, and so many emotions attached to the color, that it truly is a amazingly versatile color.

I am aware that Pantone voted Mimosa as the color of the year this year, and I actually love that color too, but right now, I am really Diggin Purple.


  1. i see purple now everywhere..!! i was trying the whole time to read what you wrote and the purple is just so disturbing :D lol it kinda hurts the eyes. :D nicely done.

    I am a fan of pantone colors :D

  2. Believe it or not, I just posted the latest pics before I had had a chance to read this blog. Check out the colors ;-)

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