Something I have seen quite a bit lately, and guilty of myself actually, is word bubbles. On logos, in websites, Ads, everything really. I'm not hatin' on 'em, I actually like 'em. I'm just going to give you my thoughts. That's what this blog thing is all about anyway!

Some say its cliche, some say its played out. Then why do designers still do them, why do clients still pick them over presumably dozens of pitched designs?
Because they work!

They say, in a quick little icon, " Hey! I'm talking here!" They can be cute, they can be rough, they can have multiple bubbles, they are the standard in conveying the message of
"I have a voice." I know that people have written on this topic in the past. Most of the time bashing it. The market may be slightly saturated to some degree, but if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Not many other icons demonstrate something so simple and so perfectly, as a word bubble. Think about it.


  1. hey chris! thanks a lot for your kind words on my blog. I will definitely keep on posting stuff :D

    ahh and by the way ..Im with you on the speech bubles man..they just work !

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  3. Kevin ~ I agree. Sometimes its works, sometimes it don't!
    Bottom line, people keep using them, and people keep pickin' them.

  4. Thought bubbles always work, end of story.

  5. speech bubbles work on a variety of different levels. i think they are cool as well. dx.