..:: LEGEND ::..

When I first started on this venture of graphic design,
I admittedly didn't know much about the forefathers of this amazing career I've chosen

I was a child of Saturday morning cartoons, and comic books. And later in life I was busy spray painting my name on buildings and trains. Then, When I started getting into the "design" world I started looking at things I liked, things that inspired me. After very little search, I discovered that most of the stuff I was into, was from one cat.


There are others. But almost none better then the man. His work was simple, Clean, funny, clever, perfect almost everyone of his works could be considered a classic.

The roots of good design lie in aesthetics: painting, drawing, and architecture, while those of business and market research are in demographics and statistics; aesthetics and business are traditionally incompatible disciplines.

— Design Form and Chaos

from the book, Paul Rand: A Designer's Words

I am always looking for where to find inspiration, sometimes its right in front of you, sometimes you have to look for it.
Paul Rand was inspiration personified. The guy did it all.
And did it all so very well.


  1. Thanks for sharing the inspiration - I especially liked Rand's essay on Integrity and Invention!

  2. Btw forgive the question, but I've always wondered...w h y spray paint buildings and trains? (Just curious).

  3. Hahahaha. Quick answer, I was young!

    As a kid you try and find a way to be noticed.
    Growing where I did, and not being that into sports and such, you have to try and find your niche. You realize pretty fast, that you can get noticed quickly if you write your name someplace your not supposed to!

  4. Aha - ATTENTION! Good to know, thanks!

  5. Rand was all over your young life. He designed the Colorforms logo, ABC logo, IBM...
    He was amazing.