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OK, lets hear your thoughts on this.

This is Pharrell Williams' latest venture with Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin and a French manufacturer, Domeau & Pérès. Furniture designer.

He has said he developed them because he "wanted to know what it was like to be in love."

This particular chair depicts a sexual scene with a pair of female legs in front and male legs behind.
Available in various colors, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black.

Lets hear your thoughts.


  1. First off, wasn't furniture just like this featured in Clockwork Orange?And, a Rob Zombie video that mimicked the Clockwork Orange film?

    Second, how cute, another attention whore trying desperately to be heard and taken seriously. A chair having sex with itself, genius (thick with sarcasm).

    Maybe the kids in my high school were just too advanced, drawing dicks on unsuspecting fellow students' notebooks and lockers and foreheads?

  2. so go back to high school

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  4. oops - here's the post:

    kinky, aesthetic, changes the way I think about chairs (and sitting)

  5. I agree with you SunMie, I think it creates dialogue. I'm not necessarily saying I would buy it, (Im sure they cost a fortune.)

    But, I like the idea that something like a chair can be discussed, and some people like it, some people hate it.

  6. Yes, (I wouldn't want it either), but isn't it great when art makes us see and think in other ways and question the nature of ourselves and the things around us? I don't think sex="being in love" ... but that's another discussion. The chair seems daring in design to me, not vulgar in image.

  7. I disagree. I don't think it's daring as much as it is a cry for attention or an exploitation of status. I only see a person who's achieved a degree of fame, thus opening doors, closed to most, which allow his depthless exploration of sophomoric behavior.

    I'm still standing by the notion that his flex of 'creativity' is no different than the high school jocks drawing penises on bathroom walls. But, hey that's just my opinion.

  8. Thom ~ Here's what I think. I agree with you in regards to what you said about about "an exploitation of status." There is no way in hell these designers would work with this guy unless he was selling records. But I grew up with many of the high school jocks you are talking about, that drew penises on bathroom walls, and I dont think that could get as much press as this venture.
    BUT! I enjoy the dialouge that this piece creates, whether it be because of the actual chair itself, or the person that is taking the credit.

    Also, I would like to ask, I wonder how much input Pharell actually had? I wonder if its the designers being "smart", by tying on a "hip trendsetter" guy to one of there newest projects??