..:: LOGO BOWL ::..

So, I am not really a big football fan, but since I live in America and I am human, I have been forced to learn everything that is, Super Bowl.

Neither of these teams really interest me much, but while I was being spoon fed Super Bowl knowledge while getting ready for work in the morning, I thought, "Hey, some of these football logos aren't half bad!"

I have to say, after looking at these for awhile,
its kind of a close race for me.

On one side you have the classic iconography, with the Steelers. simple, to the point, And really, can you argue with the steelers logo?

On the other side, you have the Cardinals logo. Youthful, sporty, I think some people would say "edgy" (not me). But also,
a good football club icon. And very now in terms of recent sports teams and current trends of re branding.

After the smoke clears on Sunday night, and the hangovers are just a memory on Monday, or even Tuesday. One team may be able to hold the trophy high, but if the logo sucks,
is anyone really going to remember!?


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