..:: LEGEND ::..

I am really hoping that everyone that reads this will know who this person is.
If not, I'm sorry.

This man is Tinker Hatfield. If you grew up in the same era as I did, you most likely wanted a pair of Air Jordans. And if you didn't, I'm sure you heard about them. In my opinion, there was no pair of shoes more desirable then the Jordan 4. Tinker Hatfield started with the design of the Jordan 3, and is still working today on Jordan and the Nike Innovation Kitchen. Which is always pumping out some of the most influential shoe designs and technologies.

Tinker Hatfield was a part of some of the most popular and influential shoes that Nike has ever produced. I remember When I was a kid, my mom wouldn't let me get the black Jordan 4's, she used to say that "people will KILL you for those shoes!" Of course that scarred the hell out of me for the duration of my youth. The thing was, that made me want them even more! Needless to say, When I became old enough, and was no longer scarred of being killed for my shoes, I went on the search. Finally after finding dozens of fakes, I found them. And now they proudly reside in a safe place, in the original box, just waiting to be worn once again.

Tinker Hatfield's contribution to the shoe world is huge, but as a designer, he has changed the way people make shoes, and the way people conceptualize the shoe design process.


  1. It is hard to believe that people would identify so extremely with a pair of shoes - just goes to show the potential impact of design!

  2. It is something from that time that speaks so strong to so many people.
    Me being one of them.
    You are right about the impact of design, it is strong!