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I am working on some stuff this weekend, but I wanted to post this story.

I really don't think the Associated Press has a leg to stand on. I think they are trying to get credit for one of the most influential pieces of art in recent years.

Henry Rollins:
"Shepard's image is his interpretation of an image," he said. "That is to say, it is not a photograph of a photograph, but a drawn image that resembles a photograph. Basically, AP's got no traction here. Nice try. Art wins again."


  1. It's interesting that the AP or the original photographer would wait this long to take action, but I think this is a pretty clear cut case of copyright infringement. Shepard's finished image isn't altered enough from the original, in my opinion, to be considered an actual original image. At best this is a collaborative effort where one artist wasn't given the opportunity to consent to the collaboration.

    This is a huge reason behind why I don't use photo reference when creating my imagery.

  2. I hear ya Thom!
    I Also find it very interesting that the AP jumped in when it
    got so big. I can truthfully see both sides.

    I wonder what, if anything they would've done it was just another "street artist" doing there thing.
    It will be very interesting to see how this turns out.
    I would think that the collaborative road will be the one that gets traveled, if you know what I mean?

  3. In all fairness, how would the AP know about the work if it hadn't become so public? Let's hope for collaboration. Shepard's picture is fantastic, but doesn't Garcia deserve credit for the original image?