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Here is a very interesting report that has been on TV lately, It talks about the current boom in marketing to the Hispanic culture.

In a very scary market, Hispanics as a whole are now more then ever, being marketed to.

Its no surprise considering Hispanics have surpassed African Americans as the largest minority in the United States today, 15% of Americans are Hispanic, including 20% of children. America's Hispanic population is projected to exceed 50 million by 2020, and its buying power stands at $700 billion today with projections reaching $1 trillion by 2010.

Bottom line, Hispanics are the fastest growing market in the United States.

Brands are starting to pay attention to these numbers. Not sure if its true where you are, but in Austin, the surge of Hispanic billboards, radio ads, and print campaigns have been even more of a regular appearance in the landscape then ever before.

Want more info?

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and all around good guy.


  1. Interesting, thanks for sharing! In 1999 there were similar projections about ethnic minorities in the States. For example, it was predicted that one third of American children would be "children of color" .... And now Obama is President! Who knows how the States and the world will change in the decades and generations to come? Perhaps there may even be a drive beyond market forces? Imagine!

  2. Imagine there's no countries
    It isn't hard to do
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    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace

    -John Lennon