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After the fast food branding post I did. I got to thinking," Is there a responsibility to the messaging?" I mean, the US is the fattest country in the world. Do the fast food chains or "junk food" companies have a responsibility in the message they produce?

Food for thought.

Then I found this little piece of brilliance.
Ad agency Y&R Bangkok, Thailand did a great job with this. It reminds kids to brush there teeth after eating sweets. I myself work on many campaigns where sampling products is a key part to exposing people to brands. I really love the idea of not giving the consumer the product, in this case toothpaste, but giving the kids cotton candy, or ice cream bars, which the kids will not only take, but line up for!

Read the full article HERE

Nice work.

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  1. Interesting ad, promotes two industries at once ;-) Efficient, effective, but...

    Good question about contributing to junk food consumption! What is the cost of junk food promotion? An occasional treat is one thing, but financially or otherwise, we all ultimately pay the price for poor health habits. The nature of the pleasure we seek determines the nature of the reward we reap. Are obesity and heart disease personal and national goals?