..:: HORRIBLE ::..

OK, I haven't done ANY examples of bad design/ads on this blog yet. Mainly because I am a nice guy.

BUT, I have been seeing this ad run lately, and I have to say,

Its not funny, its not clever, NOTHING! Just bad.

Lets look at it.

First, he is playing hockey, with a mullet. I am sure that in the meetings, there was talk about "lets give him a mullet that would be so funny!" NO! lame.
Then he is in college, looking like he is scarred of that girl, like frightened by her, then he gets up! And leaves! WHAT!? I am getting pissed just typing this!
Then he is growing up, wearing his flannel shirt, AROUND HIS WAIST! the whole time eating a chicken sandwich! Then he is getting some kind of promotion, where people are clapping and saying "your awesome!" Then he is in lamaze class with his wife, eating a sandwich, what kind of douchebag eats a sandwich while you are doing lamaze class!!??? Then the very end, he is in a Wendy's, eating another sandwich, with his wife and kid, and they made him look like he was balding! UUUGGGHHH!! BAD!

That's it, I'm pissed off about it. Maybe its some amazing campaign, and I am missing it, maybe I'm wrong.

Doubt it.

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