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Here is a really great project. Mail Me Art: Going Postal with the World’s Best Illustrators and Designers is the finished product of a project where Darren Di Lieto, asked people to send there art to him in the form of mail. Over the course of a year, the Mail Me Art project brought together a vast collection of artistic work sent by both professional and amateur artists of all ages from across the world. A wide variety of media was used in an equally wide variety of styles and the work was done on everything from postcards and envelopes
to boxes and pieces of wood.
The Book follows a group show that opened in London to rave reviews, it is the finale to this wonderful interactive art project.
It also includes 11 interviews with contributing artists, and great pictures of chosen pieces.
Go get it here USA
Here UK

(Oh and yours truly is in the book as well! :) pg. 162!)

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