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The Daily Mail reports that cereal maker Kellogg’s is planning to laser etch their logo on individual Corn Flakes in an effort to set themselves apart from imitations and generic brands.

A limited number of boxes with the laser toasted cereal will be put into production before they move foreword with branding some cereal pieces in every box. If it’s decided that it’s feasible, Kellogg’s may apply this questionable branding across a number of thier products.

The Daily Mail explains:

Kellogg’s embarked on the project to reinforce that they don’t make cereals for any other companies and to fire a shot across the bows of makers of ‘fake flakes’.

Helen Lyons, lead food technologist at the company, said: ‘In recent years there has been an increase in the number of own brands trying to capitalise on the popularity of Kellogg’s corn flakes.

‘We want shoppers to be under absolutely no illusion that Kellogg’s does not make cereal for anyone else.

‘We’re constantly looking at new ways to reaffirm this and giving our golden flakes of corn an official stamp of approval could be the answer.

Not really sure how I feel about this? THOUGHTS?


  1. It's a cool idea, but seems a bit over the top and expensive.

  2. i'm not a fan of logos and superfluous branding/advertisingg on clothes, shoes, cars, TV (we don't have cable because I just can't subject my son to the frenzie that is "the media" on TV) - really anything. so, this is a HUGELY lame idea to me.

    LAME LAME LAME. The last thing I want me or my family to stare at in the morning is a representation of some company's logo... ON MY FOOD!

    This is processed food taken to a ridiculous level. Imagine if all of our food had logos imprinted on it. What's to say we don't just form our food into the brand mark? Chicken nuggests in the shape of a T for Tyson.


    wow... i guess you touched a nerve.