So I have received a few emails asking if I was still doing the sneak of the week.

I am, sorry, just been busy.

So lets get back to it!

This weeks SOTW I am doing yet another classic that is getting reissued.

I remember saving up all my allowance just so I could buy these monsters! And when finally got them I was about 12 years old. I remember never wanting to wear them,
to play basketball, or to the mall, or over to my friends house because I had worked so hard to get them, and I didnt want to ruin them.

Via Hypebeast:
Aside from all of the collaborations within Reebok’s PUMP 20 program, the historic sportswear brand looks to bring back a couple of original colorways as part of its 20th PUMP Anniversary. Two colorways will be made available to each participating retailer, each individually numbered and tagged with the respective shops name. All retailers will only receive 29 pairs in each color, releasing along with its own design.

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