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The banana industry is probably not the first one you think of in terms of fun creative prowess, despite the fact that “banana” is one of the funniest words in any language. I also doubt that many of us are discerning in what brand of banana we purchase at the store, we simply grab whatever is stacked at the produce section. Nonetheless, one banana brand stands out from the rest, Chiquita. Their bananas easily identifiable by the blue sticker, which has been placed by hand on every single banana since 1963, and has been used as a promotional tool over the years. The latest sticker campaign, created by DJ Neff uses the shape of the sticker to create more than twenty kooky characters and serves as the basis for a significant online attraction. The rest of the work and a great interview with Neff can be read at design:related, a great case study for injecting fun into a brand.

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