..:: REBRANDING ::..

Being a human being living on planet earth in this day and age we are all exposed to fast food restaurants.

And I will say most of there ad campaigns are feeble attempts to market to what they think there target demographic is wanting and thinking.

One chain that I think is at the very least trying to make the ads fun, and the work different from the usual landscape of fast food marketing, is Jack in the Box.

Being from California, where the corporate headquarters is based and now Austin Texas, I have seen the Jack in Box quite a bit. Growing up my Dad would take me to get a breakfast Jack, ahhh, Memories.

In addition to there commercial campaigns starring there big headed fictions founder named Jack. They just started with a new look for the chain. Mostly in California, which is where I first saw this. And I am enjoying it. I like the clean retro feel.
I haven't actually been into a jack in the Box in years, but I am digging the new stuff.
Maybe almost to get me to try another breakfast Jack. Maybe.

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