..:: REBRANDING ::..

I have wanted to share my thoughts on when a company or brand should Re-Brand for quite awhile, But that's a really tough question. There will always be someone thinking "it looks better the old way", or "it looks to spacey" or "I don't get it", blah, blah, blah.

I think its best to re brand when its not working anymore. and by IT, I mean the thing that got you to where you are now, is no longer the core message. When you have grown, when you have made strides in another direction, offering a new service. When the company changes in a major way, maybe its time to update? Just sayin.

The Detroit Lions announced their new logo the other day, and this is an example of IT not working. Not only is the team needing to bounce back from a horrible season last year, but the city of Detroit is in need of something fresh, something new.

Lets hope that the new logo can help pull Detroit out of its slump, not only the team, but the city.

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