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I was sitting around the other day thinking about how I got to this point in my life where I get to create art for a living.
I really think it has so much to do with the books I read as a kid. Well, I didn't really read them, more like study the pictures at great length. I used to sit for hours, eyes fixated on one page, trying to see how they did that, or how much I like it!
One very special book for me was The Rainbow Goblins by Ul de Rico
It was a great story about these goblins that would get strength from the colors, and in turn would take all the color wherever they went. They go on a mission to find the one place where there is still color, I wont give away the end, but I remember thinking as a kid, how dark it was, and almost disturbing. And I loved it.
I think about it quite a bit, how did I become who I am, I think it goes back to childhood, I know, news flash, who you are is all about how you are raised!, but, as I get closer and closer to one day having a family, I am starting to see how important it is to have great books around.

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